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How & Where to Grow Red Campion Silene Dioica

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Tim Evans

Red Campion Silene Dioica Red Campion Silene Dioica

Red Campion will come into flower at the end of the Bluebell season and goes on flowering through June and July. It is a very pretty image seeing Red Campion and Bluebells together in a woodland/shady setting.

Red Campion does best in semi shade. If it is to overgrown it may die back. But if the conditions suit it then it is a striking and attractive flower.

Sow in spring or early autumn where you want it to establish. Or plant plugs. It prefers a well drained fertile soil. It will struggle in very heavy wet conditions. It will grow to a height of about 1 to 3 feet and looks natural amongst grass.

Red Campion Seed

Red Campion Plugs

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Where to grow Native English Bluebells

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Tim Evans

Native English bluebell Native English Bluebell

Although Bluebells do grow elsewhere in Europe they are very much part of the British Woodland scene. They clearly like shady areas but also prefer rather light slightly acid soils.. In the wild they will appear in woodland and grassland areas. But in your garden they are best planted around a tree or along a shady woodland area.

Bluebells are perennial plants that are best grown from bulbs. Either planted in the Autumn or in the spring as in the green bulbs. You can grow them from seed but it will take a number of years to form flowering plants.Plant them randomly but at least 6 inches apart.

For more information follow the link below

Native English Bluebells 

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How to Establish English Snowdrops

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Tim Evans

Native English Snowdrop Snowdrop in flower

Snowdrops are one of the first spring flowers to appear. Even in this miserable wet February 2014 the snowdrops are starting to come out and a sign that the new season will start again.

Snowdrops are flowers that everyone likes but they are very particular about where they will grow.They prefer rich soil that does not become too dry. They will establish well in short grass and will tolerate quite a lot of shade.

Snowdrops best establish in short grass, as by the time, the lawn is mown in summer the leaves have died down.

For the greatest effect in early spring plant the snowdrops with winter aconites in shade.They are best bought in the green in the spring. They are supplied as small plants and need to be planted soon after arrival. Plant to the depth they were dug up to and clear a small area around the plant.

You can get single or double snowdrops. For more information click here.

English Snowdrops



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